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HECI: Higher Education Commission of India

HECI: Higher Education Commission of India
HECI: Higher Education Commission of India: The Central Government has announced the termination of the University Grants Commission (#UGC) on Wednesday by taking a major step towards improving the quality of higher education. It will now become HECI(Higher Education Commission of India), Higher Education Commission of India, for regulation in the higher education institutions. The HECI Act, 2018 will be implemented by eliminating the UGC Act of 1951. Union Human Resource Development Minister Javdekar announced the new law on Wednesday.
The Centre is set to replace the apex higher education regulator body University Grants Commission (UGC) with Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) by repealing the UGC Act, 1951, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said today.

"In a landmark decision, a draft Act for repeal of #UGC & setting up #HECI (Higher Education Commission of India) has been prepared," Javadekar tweeted.
He said the draft act is in accordance with the commitment of the government to reform the regulatory mechanism to provide "more autonomy" to higher education institutes to promote excellence and facilitate holistic growth of the education system.
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              The proposed Higher Education Commission of India  would focus solely on academic matters and monetary grants would be under the purview of the ministry, according to the draft.
HECI: Higher Education Commission of India: Now the government will end the UGC and form the HECI. A big step in improving the quality of higher education.

Everything you want to know about HECI
Why is the need for a new commission instead of the UGC?
To give exemption from higher education to bureaucracy, three committees recommended the establishment of a single education regulator by eliminating the UGC.

What would HECI do specially?

HECI will focus only on educational matters. Grant's Ministry will be in the right field.
What will the new commission work?
The learning outcomes of higher education courses will be fixed. The appointments will be decided on important posts.

How will the new commission's order differ from the UGC? Second order and created organizations will be ordered to close. The case against the chief executive of the non-command-based organizations and other members of the management will be filed under the CRPC.

When will the new commission start work?
The Commission will come into existence only after the draft law changes.
HECI: Higher Education Commission of India
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